Critical Changes in Complex Litigation: The legal profession is undergoing a massive shift in terms of how litigation expertise is retained and applied. We now know that in order to be successful in the future, a firm like ours must be constantly engaged with and be part of changes taking place that impact clients and potential clients. To that end, we are making critical updates to certain aspects of how we communicate with clients, potential clients, news media and professional peers.

Enhanced Social Media Presence: Based on the increasing importance of social media and related communications platforms we have updated our entire online presence, including creation of a new corporate web site, mobile web site, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn systems. These new systems will help us keep you updated on the latest cases and trends at KSR and in the larger field of complex litigation.

We have undertaken this extensive update based on a detailed review of our firm’s strategic objectives and a related competitive landscape. This program has been executed in partnership with a leading New York based interactive research and development group. Please feel free to review our new sites on any platform you choose: follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. We welcome all feedback.

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