KSRH practices commercial litigation of all types.

There is endless variety in the kinds of disputes that arise among our business clients. Over our collective years of trial practice we have experienced almost everything—contract disputes, fraud claims, statutory claims, regulatory issues, unfair competition, consumer class actions, securities violations, antitrust cases, employment matters, franchise disputes and real estate battles. Our business clients from around the world include large companies and small ones, public companies and those that are privately held, as well as partnerships, associations and individuals. The industries in which our clients work include technology, social media, the internet, online affiliate marketing, the financial and insurance worlds, real estate, professional services, manufacturing, both light and industrial, as well as distribution and sales. As the world turns, industries change and new ones emerge, providing us the challenge and pleasure of expanding our knowledge. We believe it is vital to understand a client’s business in order to help solve its disputes.

Our experience in solving business disputes through litigation is decades long. Because of our extensive and successful trial experiences, we know what it takes to get a case ready for trial. We do it efficiently and effectively. It is not lost on our opponents that we have sharp focus and purpose in our preparation, and a long history of winning in trial. This often leads to a favorable settlement. And when a trial is necessary, we have demonstrated time and again that we are prepared to win and likely will.