KSR is committed to providing a workplace that includes people of diverse backgrounds.

We are strongest as a law firm, and best able to serve our clients, when we draw on the finest talent available, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, religious belief, or any other distinction not based on merit.  Regardless of origin or affiliation, everyone who is dedicated to the service of our clients is welcome, valued and supported.

Throughout our firm’s history, the actual diversity that has existed among the men and women of our firm has in fact reflected that commitment. We are a healthier, happier, and better law firm because of it.  We can proudly say that many of our clients have commended us for our consistent efforts to promote and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Our endeavor to provide our clients with the finest legal service possible is enhanced by having a breadth of human resources, with people of diverse experiences, perspectives and qualities.  Our clients benefit, as well as our law firm and the individuals who comprise the firm, from our continuing commitment to diversity.