We formed our boutique litigation firm in 1998, which consists of lawyers with extensive experience in trying complex cases.

This experience—collectively more than 250 trials to verdict or judgment— gives us a decided advantage over the majority of litigators, including some prominent members of big law firms, who have actually taken few cases through trial.  When a case goes to trial, our practiced trial skills give our client the best chance of victory.  And our long and successful track record at trial, known to our opponents, means we are often able to extract highly favorable settlements before trial starts.

We were fortunate to begin our careers at what was then San Francisco’s premier trial firm.  We learned the craft of trying cases under the tutelage of some of the best trial lawyers in the country.  And in those days before mediation became commonplace, we had abundant opportunities to try every kind of case, from simple to increasingly complex.  That kind of early experience is rare today.

Since forming our firm, we have continued to try complex cases with outstanding results.  We have found that there are many lawyers with expertise in a particular subject matter, whether it is intellectual property, securities fraud or something else, but there are few who can combine deep knowledge of a particular subject matter with the special expertise of trial skills.  We can.  Our breadth of experience concerning a variety of subject matters, joined with our successful experience in trying such cases, gives our clients an edge, whether at trial or in settlement.