The talent that lies in each of us needs to be nurtured.

An individual can be immensely good at a particular endeavor but still produce mediocre results.  Talent alone is not enough.

To reach one’s full potential, as a lawyer or otherwise, a person must work with energy, creativity, and a positive, winning attitude.  A half-hearted attitude leads to lackluster efforts and middling results.  This is true in business, sports, entertainment and in a law firm.  As lawyers, we serve our clients best when we give the best we have, the full power within us.

Unleashing the power of your people can be a difficult challenge in a large law firm, which is one reason our founding partners left a big firm to form a smaller one.  In big firms, where there is a complex bureaucracy, where email or the memo is the main form of communication, and where one cannot possibly have face to face discussions with everyone else on a daily basis, a lawyer can lose the inner power with nobody noticing, putting in listless hours of work, all billable, but not the best.

At KSRH, while we are engaged in complex cases, we do not need a large army of lawyers, allowing us to be extremely selective in hiring people who have not only talent but also the passion to succeed.  And because we all interact with each other virtually every day, it becomes second nature to reinforce in each other our core principles— a demand for excellence, energy in our work, imagination, and a focus on getting results for the client (not just completing empty tasks).  We communicate freely with each other, and with our clients, sharing ideas, strategizing, giving encouragement, and urging each other on.  When we are in trial, the entire firm supports the trial team.  We act the way a winning team acts.  When our workplace has that buzz of this type of energy, we know the power of the people is at full throttle.  That is when practicing law is most rewarding, and when clients get the best service.  It is why our clients retain us over and over to handle these legal matters.