After years of success as partners in a large all-purpose law firm, we decided to form a boutique litigation firm in 1998, in order to be more client-centered.

We thought we could devote our energies more effectively to serving clients if we were free of the bureaucratic and administrative constraints that exist in a big firm. That has proven true.

At KSR we have the flexibility to adapt our handling of every case in a way that suits the client. Our goal—to provide superior legal service through skilled, aggressive and creative advocacy—is best met when our primary focus is on the client, the client’s needs, and the client’s requirements. The measure of our success is the client’s satisfaction.

Clear communication between the lawyer and the client is essential. At the beginning of an engagement, we work with the client to formulate a goal, agree upon a strategy, and plan its execution. We tailor our handling of each case based on input from the client, and as the case unfolds, we welcome the client’s involvement and feedback.

We understand that litigation can be extremely personal for the client. It is therefore important that we provide the client with as much consultation, advice and information about the progress of a case as the client wants. It is equally important that we are always receptive to the client’s questions, comments, ideas and suggestions. The chance of success in every case is enhanced when we work in partnership with the client.

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