At the beginning of every case, we carefully consider who will work on it. Every case is different, and deserves this deliberation at the start.

We make sure the client agrees with our approach. Typically, one of our partners will take the lead on a case, assisted by an associate and a paralegal. Often cases will require additional associates, especially those with intensive discovery demands. We have a talented, skilled and experienced pool of associates to draw from. In larger, more complex cases, more than one partner will be helpful or needed, especially at trial, and an appropriate team will be put together. And sometimes a single lawyer alone can handle everything comfortably and well. It all depends on the needs of the case and the requirements of the client. We try to make sure that whoever you have hired at the beginning of your case is the lawyer who leads the case through its conclusion. And at the end of the case, we want the client to know we achieved not only the best possible outcome, but did so in the most efficient manner.